The 5 towns on the Ligurian coast of Italy


Liguria Region of Italy

Liguria is a small coastal region in north-west Italy. It is popular with tourists because of its picturesque towns, stunning beaches delicious food.

The capital of Liguria is Genoa where Christopher Columbus came from. Tourists interested in ships and sailing can visit the new Museum of the Sea and next to the museum one can visit Columbus’s home.

For a truly unique Italian experience one can stay overnight in one of the three historic monasteries in Liguria, but of course if you choose this experience don’t forget that you must behave appropriately.

One can choose to travel along the northern or southern coast of Liguria. If one chooses to travel north one will come to the Riviera di Levante which includes the five picturesque villages of Cinque Terre National Park and Portovenere.

Going south from Liguria one comes to the Riviera di Ponente which stretches from Genoa and is studded with beautiful towns such as San Remo.

Liguria is like a treasure chest which you open up and find endless treasures. Wherever one goes in Liguria there is always something interesting to see, a beautiful view to photograph, a history lesson to be learnt, a delicious wine to sip or a fantastic meal to taste. This part of Italy is so special. Everybody falls in love with the region and when leaving one knows that they want to come back one day. Many famous people love this part of the world, writing about it, painting it and revisiting it frequently.

The Cinque Terre is located in Liguria region.